Get Involved

As a charitable organisation, everything we do is driven by people around the world who believe in our mission enough to provide funds and support. The IGDA Foundation wouldn’t exist without those who want to get involved and make a difference. There’s many ways you can help us, and below are just a few – email us if you have an idea you’d like to discuss!

Fundraising and Sponsored Events

One of the best ways you can get involved in the work of the Foundation is to help us to raise funds. You can spread the word and promote the good work we do directly, but one of the most fun things is to set yourself a challenge. Whether that’s a triathlon or a marathon gaming session, people all around the world love to sponsor people to do things they normally wouldn’t. This is a great way to challenge yourself whilst also helping out the IGDA Foundation, as well as getting your whole community involved in your challenge.


As a worldwide volunteer organisation, we rely on time and effort being put in by motivated people just like you. We are always interested in having more people part of the team. If there’s some way you think you could help us to support the game development community, please contact us.