Eric Dybsand Memorial AI Scholarship

Eric Dybsand was a pillar of the development community, warm and welcoming to all. His untimely death was a blow to the whole industry, but more so for his specialist field of Artificial Intelligence. Eric was well-known at GDC for being one of the original “3 AI guys” — a group that included Steve Woodcock and Neil Kirby. Together, they ran the AI roundtables — a GDC fixture that continues to this day.

Each year, AI developers gather during GDC to toast his memory, and each year – in Eric’s honor – one student with an interest in AI is chosen to be the recipient of the Eric Dybsand Memorial AI Scholarship and to attend GDC, receiving the welcome and attention that Eric freely gave to others.

Applications for GDC 2018 closed on December 8th 2017.

The Dybsand Scholar receives all of the benefits of the IGDA Scholars program, studio tours, VIP opportunities and so forth. In addition, they also receive:

  • Mentoring from a range of AI professionals
  • Honored guest at the AI Programmers Dinner
  • Invitation to join the AI Game Programmers Guild
  • Featured during the annual AI Summit at GDC

Previous winners:

2007 – Michael Kofman
2008 – Andrew Armstrong
2009 – Victoria Smith
2010 – Gabriel Deyerle
2011 – Bobby Anguelov
2012 – Luke Dicken
2013 – Owen Macindoe
MattCabanag - edited
2014 – Matt Cabanag
2015 – John Armstrong
2016 – Juliette Lemaitre