IGDA Scholars Organizing Team

The IGDA Scholars Program requires a year-round commitment to ensure execution at the highest quality at all the participating events. The dedicated team of industry professionals behind this prestigious program volunteer their time to ensure that IGDA Scholars receive an unparalleled experience. We are proud to recognize the efforts of the following people who work tirelessly helping students follow their industry dreams:

Molly ProffittMolly Proffitt
Molly Proffitt is the Program Director for the IGDA Scholars Program and organizes the opportunity year-round for deserving talent around the globe with an awesome team of volunteers. She is also the CEO of Ker-Chunk Games – a determined team of developers creating cross-platform experiences that empower women as players. She has worked profesionally as a game producer and designer focusing on the mobile and social games space for the last five years both on original IPs and for clients. She has released 13 games, served as IGDA Atlanta Chair, and also served on the Barbie Global Advisory Council.

Justin LaraJustin Lara
Justin got involved as an IGDA Scholars volunteer after his scholarship experience in 2013 and is currently a year-round coordinator for the program. He’s passionate about queer activism and can always be found wearing a metal band tee. Currently, he is based in Southern California, working as a software engineer in the financial industry.

Erich SchulerErich Schuler
Erich has been playing games since 1991 — thanks to an Italian plumber named Mario and a dinosaur-like creature called Yoshi. He’s an active member of the IGDA and one of the coordinators for the IGDA Scholars program — where he serves as a liaison to studio partners and runs the program at events such as GDC and E3. During his time in Japan, Erich established himself as a freelance writer for publications such as IGN.

Rebecca Fernandez OSheaRebecca Fernandez O’Shea
Rebecca is an Australian games programmer based in Amsterdam, currently working for Dutch indie studio WeirdBeard Games. She also helps out with the IGDA scholars program, the IGDA Women in Games special interest group and is a member of the Executive Committee for the Global Game Jam. Prior to her move to Amsterdam Rebecca taught games programming at a tertiary level and was the chair of IGDA Sydney.

Juney DjikstraJuney Djikstra
Juney graduated from Utrecht University in late 2014, obtaining a BSc. in Computer Science and an MSc. in Game & Media Technology. Throughout university, she organised a variety of game dev events, including the conception and growth of the first four iterations of the Dutch independent game development conference Indievelopment. Since then, she’s been happily working as a Producer for SOEDESCO Publishing, a publisher in the Netherlands with a background in retail & focus on indie games. She’s also a voluntary game designer/analyst/producer hybrid for Mycena Cave, a creative pet-site community mixed with a virtual economy. Her passion field is games user research, and when she runs out of energy to think about game dev, she’s reading, cycling or taking long walks.