One of the most straightforward ways to support the IGDA Foundation is with a donation. The money you give us will be put to great use making a difference in the game development community, whether supporting those in need or providing resources for learning. You can choose which of our ongoing projects you wish to put your money to, or donate it to the general fund and allow us to use our best judgement as to how it can make a difference.

If you are a US Citizen, donations to the IGDA Foundation are tax deductible!

Your employer may run a “Matched Contributions” scheme, so please contact them to find out, and double the size of your donation at no extra cost!

There are several ways to donate to the Foundation listed below. For substantial contributions, we would love to discuss your donation and how best to put it to use, please reach out to the Chair of the IGDA Foundation.

Donate Online

You can donate to the IGDA Foundation using Paypal, whether you have an account or just a credit card. You can make a one off contribution, or optionally during the Paypal process, opt instead to provide a monthly recurring donation to make a lasting commitment to the IGDA Foundation. Select which program you would like to donate to, and click the button to be taken to Paypal.