2018 GDC Program Winners Annoucement

After an intensive judging process we are pleased to announce the selected participants for each of our GDC 2018 scholarship programs.

Each recipient will receive a travel stipend and a complimentary all-access pass courtesy of the Game Developers Conference, and thanks to the efforts and generosity of our partners, speakers, and scholarship committees, these selected recipients will also receive exclusive local studio tours, one-on-one mentorship from industry veterans, and special Q&A sessions with some of the most influential developers in the industry.

Here are this year’s GDC 2018 selection – click through to read more about each program recipient.

IGDA Scholars

  • Myriam Beauvais
  • Alice Bowman
  • Christina Curlee
  • Lars de Wildt
  • Kiara du Toit
  • Logan Erickson
  • Klaus Fehkührer
  • Tyler Haddad
  • Shuaiying Hou
  • Adam Kallibjian
  • Jocelyn Kim
  • Amy Lin
  • River Liu (who is also our Eric Dybsand Memorial AI Scholarship recipient)
  • Chima Ngerem
  • Tara Ogaick
  • Sergio Rangel
  • Erryn Rivers
  • Jessica Vazquez

Women in Games Ambassadors

  • Meagan Byrne
  • Meagan Canning
  • Vania Castagnino
  • Nicole Caverley
  • Allison Comrie
  • Sofie Debloudts
  • Narges Farazan
  • Janice Ho
  • Courtney Kidd
  • Natasha Kononenko
  • Elisabet Largo Iglesias
  • Vhalerie Lee
  • Lauren Lynch
  • Raquel Robinson
  • Andrea Sacchi
  • Beatriz Santos
  • Amanda Steig
  • Emilee Trower
  • Danielle Uneus
  • Caroline Womack
  • Chris Wratt

Next Gen Leaders

  • Jennifer Ashiru
  • Alyssa Askew
  • Anna Brandberg
  • Safyra Brown
  • Brian Chung
  • Rebecca Cohen-Palacios
  • Osama Dorias
  • Caroline Guevara
  • Matthew Lee
  • Sara Lempiainen
  • Karen McCarthy
  • Llaura McGee
  • Maria Mishurenko
  • Taha Rasouli
  • Fernando Reyes Medina
  • Wyn Rush
  • Jennifer Scheurle
  • Steven Taarland
  • Juan Vaca
  • Leena van Deventer

These programs are made possible by the generosity of our sponsors and the Game Developer Conference, the support of our judges, alumni, and volunteers who helped to review our applicants and create the experiences they receive, and the speakers and mentors who commit their time to our programs.

Make sure to follow @IGDAFoundation, @IGDAScholars, #IGDAScholars, #WiGAm and #IGDANGL on Twitter for live updates as our team and recipients experience GDC 2018!

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