2018 Scholars Alumni Announcement

We are pleased to announce our alumni reviewers for the 17th annual IGDA Scholars program for 2018. This past weekend, they volunteered their time to look over applications from students all over the world. We want to thank our alumni for their dedication and continued support of the program.

This year’s alumni reviewers included:

Dylan Gedig, Founder at Red Nexus Games, Inc.

JenJen Francis, Gaming Social Entrepreneur at Tiered World Studio

Joe Marchuk, Freelance Technical Sound Designer and Composer

John Edward Armstrong, AI Programmer at Ubisoft

Lanie Dixon, User Research Analyst at Ubisoft Montréal

Luis Brito, Associate Game Designer at LEVEL-5 International America Inc.

Matthew Lee, Co-Founder and Creative Director of AFK Studios

Michelle Hill, Motion Capture Specialist at 2K

Rukia Brooks, Founder and Developer of Cupcake Games


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Also, be sure to check back with us in January for our IGDA Scholars, WIG Ambassadors, and Next Gen Leaders recipients announcement!

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