Exciting News from our Managing Director, Jen MacLean

FEN-102615-Edit (1)Today, the IGDA announced my appointment as interim Executive Director. As I think about the opportunities to make an impact on game developers and our industry, I couldn’t be more excited by my dual roles with the IGDA and IGDA Foundation.

The IGDA and IGDA Foundation have profound, complimentary missions. While the IGDA focuses on improving the lives of game developers around the world through community, advocacy, and compelling member benefits, the IGDA Foundation supports the creation of a more diverse, inclusive industry. Both groups believe strongly in the power of games as a medium, and in the need to provide an amazing environment for game developers around the world to practice their craft.

In many ways, this opportunity to dual-wield leadership roles at two of the largest, and most impactful, organizations in our industry provides an unprecedented mechanism for supporting games and their creators. As the IGDA is the largest member organization in game development, a closer partnership with the organization provides a boost in reach for the IGDA Foundation and its work. And the Foundation’s efforts to introduce a broader pipeline of talent to game development as a career, support diverse creators in remaining part of the industry, and driving awareness of the importance, and benefits, of an inclusive industry offer benefits for every developer, and studio, around the world.

I look forward to leading the Foundation in its expansion, both into new programs and a wider reach, and I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Foundation and its work to make the game developer community, and the games we create, amazing experiences for everyone.

Jen MacLean

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