Animation Exchange – Livestream Supports IGDA Foundation

Not everybody gets to go to GDC, and that’s a shame. We try to help with our various scholarship programs, but we know that this week can still be a bittersweet one for many people trapped at home. But fear not, for our good friends at the Animation Exchange have you covered, with a full 8 hours of talks about animation on Tuesday February 28th, from 2pm to 10pm PST.
For that whole time Animation Exchange will be taking over Twitch, streaming sessions live. With content from Blizzard, Epic, Ubisoft, Riot, Naughty Dog and many many more, we’re sure that for people passionate about the art and tech of animation, you will find something of great interest.
And what’s more, the fine folks behind this awesome event have offered to raise awareness and fund for the IGDA Foundation. We’re very grateful for this support, and we hope you’ll check out their full schedule and tune in!
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