Proudly Supporting the Pixelles!

Our goal at the IGDA Foundation is to advance the careers and lives of game developers. We’re pleased to support organizations devoted to doing the same with our grants. Together as a community, we can help make our industry welcoming, innovative, and inclusive. One of the organizations we’re proud to support are the Pixelles!


Pixelles is a Montreal-based non-profit that organizes free workshops, socials, mentorship, and incubator programs for women. Pixelles has created a totally inclusive environment: their programs are open to all – anyone of any expertise, age, gender, and orientation is always welcome. Their innovative events foster a truly supportive community that is a veritable force of change for our industry and the Foundation is proud to support them.  

Part of our support included investing in a mobile “Community Tool Chest” complete with all the equipment needed to facilitate game jams, workshops, and arcades. This Chest provides the opportunity for anyone to participate in the Pixelles workshops and game incubators by removing a barrier to entry.

The Chest was used in the latest Pixelles Game Incubator – a 6-week program available to Montreal-based members as well as to follow-along internet participants. 16 games were created and they can all be played here.


In addition to workshops and incubators, the Pixelles have used the Community Tool Chest in several arcades. Some of these showcase events include Arcade 11a 3-day event featuring video game workshops and DIY arcades, and Game Curious – a free 6-week program designed to introduce experimental art games, games for education, and storytelling through games.

The Pixelles also organize community building events including summer potluck picnics. These important, inclusive spaces let people get together to enjoy the sun, discuss games, and form close bonds. We were especially delighted with their recent choice of iced tea in honour of our support!

Moving forward, we’re ecstatic to support the Pixelles as they continue to organize workshops and community events. We’re always excited to support organizations that, like the Pixelles, share the magic of game development and promote an inclusive industry. If this sounds like the sort of work you do, we invite you to review our grant application guidelines.

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