Molly Proffitt and Cat Wendt Recognized by the IGDA

mollycatluke-1The IGDA Foundation is proud to showcase two of our program leaders, Molly Proffitt and Cat Wendt, who were recently recognized by the IGDA for their philanthropic contributions to the organization and video game industry at large. Both received MVP Awards from the IGDA for their efforts.

Molly Proffitt is the Program Lead for the IGDA Scholars program and the Chair of the Atlanta chapter of the IGDA. Molly oversees operations in making sure scholars all over the world are able to attend GDC, E3, GDCE and Gamescom. She works tirelessly to pair scholars with industry mentors, organize Q&A panels, schedule booth tours, and create other opportunities for them.

Cat Wendt is co-chair of the IGDA Women in Games SIG, and she headed the inaugural IGDAF Intel Scholars Program this year. Under her lead, the IGDA Foundation was able to send 29 talented women scholars to GDC (thanks to Intel’s generous support). Cat has also been a long time contributor to the IGDA more generally, helping out across the board, especially with graphic design. In fact, the Foundation’s logo is one of her designs!

The IGDA Foundation is incredibly proud to work with such talented people, and we thank Molly and Cat for all of their exceptional work.

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