HANSOFT Forum Posts Pay Off for the Foundation!

Hansoft raises funds with the IGDA Foundation during GDC – donates $20 for every person who posts in the Hansoft forum.

Hansoft will donate $20 to the IGDA Foundation for every Hansoft user who makes a post about their favorite Hansoft feature in Hansoft’s new web forum, before the end of March 2011. The winner of a drawing from among the participants will also receive a $200 Amazon gift card.

The IGDA Foundation is pleased and honored to have the generous support of Hansoft, one of the IGDA’s premier partners. It is great to see a company committed to giving back to developers through the IGDA Foundation and its charitable works.

The Hansoft forum is open for everyone to view, and for Hansoft users holding a valid license to register and create posts. The campaign is up and running and Hansoft customers can enter today by visiting: www.hansoft.se/webforum and post their favorite Hansoft feature in the assigned forum. Not a Hansoft customer yet. No problem. You can get a valid license by signing up for a free evaluation key by contacting: solutions@hansoft.se.

So, if you are already a Hansoft user, get over to their new forum and post about your fav features. If you’re not yet a Hansoft user, contact them for an eval user account, check out their great features and then post up about them.

You get smarter and more efficient, the Foundation gets $20…we all win!

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Follow up:

April 1, 2011

The Hansoft Forum promotion is finished and Hansoft is contributing $2,000 to the IGDA Foundation to support our programs and mission.

A huge thank you goes out to everyone at Hansoft and all of the Hansoft users who posted on their forum.

Tom Buscaglia
IGDA Foundation

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