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The Foundation Board of Trustees met for the final time this year. There were discussion regrading plans for the initial year of the Foundation having recently been launched. With the implementation of our online contribution capability we focused on way to make the work of the Foundation compelling and of true value to the IGDA’s members and the game development community at large. In addition to the expansion of our scholarship efforts there was unanimous support of using contributed funds to get solid data on issues of interest to our constituents that is not mow available in anything more than an anecdotal information. Although there is a great deal of research related to the sales of games, there is not much on the people who make them.

The Trustees also spent time discussing ways to make the work of the Foundation of real value to those who support our works. We also discussed structures we could adopt to recognize the individuals and companies that contribute to the Foundation.

Finally, we reviewed our discussions with Talley Management, the Association Management recently retained by the IGDA, about securing their assistance with the ongoing administration of the Foundation.

This is an exciting time for the Foundation with our initial efforts for contributions about to launch. The Trustees plan on meeting again in January to help keep things moving forward in a meaningful way to meet our goal of assisting the IGDA in its mission to enhance the lives and further the professional careers of its members.

Here are the Official Minutes from the meeting of the Foundation Board of Trustees:

IGDA Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

November 30, 2007

Meeting held via telephone conference call.

Meeting called to order at 10:00 PM PST and closed at 11:10 PM PST.

Board members in attendance:

Tom Buscaglia, Neil Kirby, Michael Capps, Jen MacLean, Marty O’Donnell.

Motion Summary for this meeting:

  • Motion made by email and unanimously passed to approve Minutes of Trustee Board 6/07 meeting.
  • Motion made and unanimously passed to approve Mike at Treasurer and Neil as Secretary.
  • Motion made and unanimously passed to proceed with negotiation with Talley Management.
  • Motion made and unanimously passed to create committee to assist in the development of projects and goals for the Foundation.
  • Motion made and unanimously passed to set the next meeting in mid January.
  • Motion made and unanimously passed to adjourn.

Neil Kirby – Foundation Secretary

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